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  1. Hey, read your piece “No Way to Victory”. Picked it up at Sawant’s victory event this afternoon.
    You bring up some issues that have been on my mind also. Endorsement by “The Stranger”, which I consider a ridiculous cynical rag designed to promote apathy and neuroticism. And I don’t have much faith in our electoral system, I would say a lifeless dead end. Kshama, I think, all and all, not a bad person, but today she referred to Noam Chomsky in passing, that drew my attention a bit, I consider him a Left Gatekeeper. Especially on the events of 9-11.

    Your right I believe regarding the minimum wage issue, definitely a Democratic Party issue or should be. Sawant’s “Tax the Rich” sounded good, collectivizing Amazon and ending homelessness is a pretty far stretch. And obviously would take a lot more than any city council could achieve. But I would have to say I was renewed by the energy in the room, something I call Zuccotti effect. Just a comfort felt by being around people who truly care about other people and want something much much better for all.

    We’ll see how it works out with Kshama, working within the system. I’m not that keen on that approach myself. But maybe it will spark another, more radical, reaction from other quarters.

    An interesting thing happened, I thought, today at the Sawant event. During a pretty funny fundraising segment, an older gentleman confessed to being a greedy 1%er and apologized to everyone and gave $700… It was heart felt…

    Thanks from putting your words out, a very important discussion. Especially in these very strange and treacherous times…



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